Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ron Paul Nevada

I have been following Ron Paul with major interest because he has been the major agent in me learning more about economics in the world. So I have been following the Nevada primary with interest as I thought he would do well.

The results so far for nevada are shown below and for me it doesn't make sense. As in my experience is once you are Ron Paul supporter and have gone down the rabbit hole you don't choose an establishment candidate or don't take part. The head of the  Nevada GOP Chairman Amy Tarkanian has resigned which add more drama to the situation

 To me it doesnt make sense the the state that is facing the worst effects of the economic crisis was not able to get significanlty more people to the only candidate that seems to understand and predicted what is causing the crisis.

I have just watched this clip which motivated me to do a post

To me TPTB need new consultants as the actions are becoming to obvious which is making it much harder for their minion to justify their actions. I can actually seeing the minions losing motivation. Because in the end they also have ego's and hate to look stupid.


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