Sunday, January 29, 2012

Obama changes direction

In my experience as a manager you are stuck with certain employees in which you are not able to get rid off due to office politics and culture of organisation. So what i had to do was assign the work that needs to be done to people that could get it done. Also need to be able to fund it with resources.

The new task unit headed by Eric Schniederman seems to be what Obama is doing as he can't trust the SEC to do the work that is needed to be done. I really hope this task force works and if it does then people will see that their will be consequences for bad actions and doing stuff that will wreck our futures.

One of the big problems Obama face in economics is picking really smart people with good intentions. As in my experience it is the smart people who are able to twist debates around to suit their intentions and if you have a few people like that in a room the psych effect of group pressure starts working on you. Obama needs some radicals with good intentions to change this dynamic. And don't worry if they know more about specifics then you just go with your gut which is hard when you are brought up on rational debates and good arguments. 

That is one benefit of the Republicans is that it seems they don't need logical arguments to implement policy.

To the TPTB it is good that you are willing to take some losses to some of your minions and hopefully it is a sign of that you realise that you are at more risk now then you have ever been. And it doesn't matter how much paper assets or power is against you name as once tipping point has been found, gang in trouble.


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