Monday, January 30, 2012

Once we were warriors

I have three son's and could say they portray an image of aggressiveness. As we are islanders we have that feeling that we are warriors based on our heritage.

This led to an interesting conversation with my son in which I told him the warriors of today are not the people that are strongest or toughest physically but are the people that are able to sway peoples opinions using the tools of speech, action and written documentation.

I was telling him it is very important for him to increase his vocabulary and instead of learning wrestling and UFC move to learn more about the world and be able to explain concepts so that other people are able to understand them. The warrior of today is also not the person that knows the most but the person that is able to change the views of other people based on the weapons of speech, actions and the written word.

My key has always been the ability to get big picture understanding of stuff but was never able to communicate it well especially with speech. I also am not able to lie to win an argument just spin the truth so I have never been able to be warrior of the new generation. I have been significant factor in major change for a significant number of people and looking back at things my weapon for that change has been mainly powerpoint and the ability to get people to trust me.

One of my son's has a confidence problem in talking in front of people and actually since having this conversation I can see him change his attitude about speaking which makes me happy. The reality though is my family from Fiji are not warriors but the priest class. In this day the priest class seem to affect more change then the warriors of old.


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