Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple vs Samsung the verdict

I am only developing apps for android so am biased in the Apple vs Samsung case.  But am so disappointed about this situation that am posting a response to the verdict.

The verdict was expected as the jury was situated only ten miles away from from Apple Headquarters so are well ingrained in the Apple marketing and looking after there own. As seen by judging that the Nexus S 4G had infringed on the bounceback patent when it had never been implemented on that phone?

I was surprised that it took the jury members only three days to go over the 700 questions and its seemed that just ticked everything in favor of Apple. It seems some sense though in terms of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 after seeing the Ipad was prior art of the Star Trek Padd.

In my opinion Apple should get benefits for being the major catalyst for moving technology forward.  and is the main reason Android has improved significantly in trying to catch up to Apple. But that's what catch up means, in that you start copying the stuff that the punters want. As famously said by Isaac Newton "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants".  Technology, user experience and expectations only move forward based on work of giants like Engelbart, Gates, Grove, Torvalds, Jobs and Brin.

When the Iphone came out it was significantly better then any other phone and I was consistently arguing how it was a game changer and that apples products was a great experience. But I didn't bet on writing apps for Apple I am bet that Android and would catch up and take over. In which android has and I can't see Apple five beating the Samsung S3.

My first computer I used was apple 2 but reason I programmed on windows was that it had cheap development tools and the hardware was cheap. For punters to develop it is so much easier and cheaper to develop for Android.

Okay going back to the verdict. Majority of IT people following this case have gone negative on Apple as we cant accept that you can patent rounded rectangles, pinch to zoom and for me really any software action.  To me patenting software is like patenting speech or algorithms which doesn't seem right to me.

What would happened if there were patent for parts of FPS, MMO or typing words on a screen.

The really take is the largest company in the world trying to stop punters like me a have a better IT experience at a cheaper price so that the can get more money. To make it worse they are using legal tricks to do it and not based on innovation and superior product like the first version of the Iphone.

It seems Iphone knows that the are going to lose the war so stemming their losses like what microsoft did when they started doing patent battles


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