Friday, February 24, 2012

Rudd vs Gillard 2012

As I have blogged before that I was very impressed with Kevin Rudd and after coming back to Australia it has confirmed to me that Australia has to be one of the best countries in the world.

What is really interesting to me is that Rudd nearly has double the support of Gillard from ALP members but still the majority of Elected labor MP's want to continue with Gillard. Again who are they representing the Labor Party or the Australian People.

Being an ethnic brought up in Australia in the seventies and eighties has made me a labor supporter even though I do like Tony Abbot. Our local member who is a strong Gillard Support really helped us so I am pretty conflicted in this whole issue.

My Really take, if Gillard leads the Labor Party in the next election then Labor will have one of its worse results like the NSW labor party in 2011 in which Labor received its lowest number of seats since 1898 and its lowest vote since 1904. I would be worried if the same power brokers in the NSW labor party also have significant influence in the Gillard group.

If Rudd wins can't see the independants doing a no confidence vote as they will lose their seats and can see a better result for Labor party but they will probably still lose depending on what Rupert Murdoch wants.

What is good for Australia is not having one of the partys dominate and that's what would happen if we have elections soon.

One of the biggest problems I have seen while being back in Australia is the lack of attention to details on a lot of different organisations especially government funded departments. So I was pleased to see that Labor MP's complaining how one of Rudd's biggest problems is how he sticks to procedure and his attention to details.

We are facing the biggest challenges that world has faced and who do Australians want to lead us in these challenges, I will go with the smartest man, who understands Chinese and has Christian values.


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