Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Royal Children's Hospital Parent Friendly

Just come back from Royal Children's hospital and was amazed by the experience. It was so good my son can't wait for his next surgery which is a very scary surgery.

I have read that RCH is one of the top 100 hospitals in the world but for its function as a Children's hospital but for its function it has to be one of the top hospitals in the world.

The doctors, nurses when explaining what it is happening treat you like you know what is happening.

When treating a patient, especially kids it is really important that there is also a positive vibe around them and way parents are treated is amazing. Very relaxing place to sleep next to kid and  access to amenities and a parent room. For me having access to fastest wireless I have ever accessed was amazing.

Also it seemed that the team of people looking after my son really cared for him, like it mattered not that it is another instrument for billing.

Most of our contacts was with the nurses and was amazed at their professionalism plus their attitude.

Kids get to choose their meals, own tv, access to movie theater, acquariam with a shark and a mini zoo. But I think the best thing they get are happier parents when everyone is going through one of the most challenging times in the world.

I believe in positive thinking and think the Royal Children's Hospital is such a positive place for all people involved.


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