Friday, March 22, 2013

Rudd vs Gillard the Machiavellian Plot to keep Gillard in Power

After watching Crean attempted to coup of Gillard it seemed surprising, but when Richard Marles was involved then I thought something doesn't seem right.

This is my really take on what happened, Gillard continually having bad poll numbers and more members of the Labor party are worried especially labor heartland districts. So Rudd is waiting for his chance to get leadership, but he wont challenge until after the Budget is shown to be a mess with a significant deficit. So the Machiavellian plot is to create a leadership challenge without Rudd's blessing before budget and to make Rudd look weak firstly by losing the split or by not taking up the challenge.

Their plan worked and all party men are saying their will be no more challenges.  I am guessing this was Crean's plot and recruitied Richard Marles  through their ACTU connection and he looked so uncomfortable in being part of this plot. Note, I respect Marles and will vote for him in next election.

Main reasons I think this was plot was because of

  • Richard Marles has been seen as Gillard main supporter in the Media and I think is one of Gillard's real friends.
  • Rudd was not informed or given  the blessing of the split
  • News that Rudd camp in the morning saying they weren't part of this challenge and Rudd will not challenge
  • Body language of all involved when talking to media
  • People involved in the plot are linked to the ACTU

There is so much Hubris within the labor party and it reminds me of Queensland and Western Australia elections. The big losers out of this will be Labor party and Greens. A significant number of MP's would rather fall on their sword then let Rudd be the leader, even though more the two thirds of Labor supporters would rather have Rudd as the leader.

The problem for Rudd is that ACTU clique have all put themselves in safe labor seats so when Labor gets beaten at the next election, the majority of members that will be left are the people that have been plotting against him. That is when Bill Shorten will have the numbers to be the next Labor leader.

Interesting times but at least we still live in the best economy in the world so something must be going right.


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