Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Current take of problems with Obama Admnistration

I am pretty superstitious and one of the actions is to open the same websites whenever I open chrome  One of the sites I visit every day is Daily Kos but I hardly ever read any of the articles now being they seem to have become more delusional on the same scale as the people at Red State by trying to convince themselves that their brand of politics does no wrong.

So it was interesting when I read the story about Government obtaining AP phone records as it showed some people still have the ideals from when I first joined Daily Kos.

First up my thoughts are both the Democrats and Republicans are same on economic policy in helping TBTF corporations and how to handle Israel. The main  differences are social issues that never really get resolved.

Currently the Obama administration has the following scandals

Justice Department:
 Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe [ap.org]IRS: The IRS’s Tea-Party Targeting [nationalreview.com]State Department and Office of President: The Benghazi Deception [nationalreview.com]
In the old days when I first was visiting Daily Kos around 10 years ago, each of these issues would be considered fireable offences for people in charge and it would also mean soul searching by supporters of the party in power. The way people are reacting shows how far we have changed and have been conditioned into believing the Government has each persons best interest in heart and if you don't believe that then you are a conspiracy nut.
I have come to stage of believing that its not possible to change from within as TPTB will use all their resource to make sure that people that get elected have their core principles at heart. The main issue is that everyone is distracted and majority of people that go to elections to vote, do so in hope of some benefit to themselves not the community.
I already believe that society has reached the tipping point of no return where there are to many people that are too self absorbed to worry about the good of the whole community. Natural Selection has forced that people in charge of major positions of power as being some of the worst cases of making decision based on self interest compared to the good of the country and companies/organisations that they run. 
I think one of the principles of why western society has progressed was the concept of telling the truth and people believed their would be consequence for lying or what is now termed as spin. There also the idea of structure and respect for positions. Media has done a good job of removing the respect of a lot of positions and conditioning people to be okay with lying if it ends up being in the best interest for them going forward.
Just rambling, things are so stuffed up that it reminds me why I would rather play League of Legends then continue to read how society is crumbling.
On  a positive note how can we fix stuff for common good.
Main Problems
  • To Many people that want to many resources and shiny new trinkets
  • Earth Can't Sustain what is wanted and produced by the masses
  • People in power can only stay in power by continuing to promise and provide that the resource are available
  • People are too distracted to care about making significant changes to fix things
  • What is the definition of fix things as it may be different to many different people
  • Don't know a solutions to fix things 

We are not living sustainable based on what the earth can give us. So really people will have to change their perceptions of what is good quality of life. The solution will have to be Global and it will mean a lot of self Sacrifice.
I am of the generation now, of people in power, I believe that we have the numbers that can make the change but don't believe we have the will to do it. 
Amazing just realised that its going to be my generation that will be labelled as the one the managed the chaos. lol


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