Monday, June 10, 2013

Edward Snowden Guesstimate of his Thinking

I have spent the whole day today reading about Edward Snowden, so am going to do a really take on his thinking. Which may be totally off but here I go.

Why did Edward Snowden choose Hong Kong?
  • Experience in CIA and NSA must give him a good understanding of which country is best to go too.
  • Enemy of my enemy is my friend so either Russia/China
  • Hong Kong is libertarian type of city which matches his thinking.
  • Flying to Hong Kong has lesser chance of being brought up by computers then flight to Iceland/Russia
Why did Edward Snowden only publish a small amount of information
  • Differentiate himself from Manning.
  • Make sure that information will not significantly affect national security
  • Only shows information that relates to government spying on it own people, So making it harder for people to frame treason aspects of his action
  • Act of trying to extradite and jail him for information that public should know gives him moral high ground
  • Emphasize argument that what NSA was doing was illegal and giving evidence for the case that NSA has broken law in terms of fourth amendment.
Why I don't think Edward Snowden is a Chinese Double agent.
  • Supports Ron Paul
  • Reddit user on fourth of July 4th march
  • Has stickers about Internet freedoms on his notebook
  • His interview seemed convincing to me
  • Gut feeling says he isn't

Why Edward Snowden may have the  backing of China
  • Article published on same day as Obama having meeting with Chinese leader about cybersecurity
  • Fled to country under foreign jurisdiction of China

Why I think Edward Snowden may be a TPTB agent.
  • Military and Special Forces training
  • Worked in CIA
  • Excellent speaker and better then any Systems Administrator that I have worked with
  • Is creating a wedge between the conditioned and whats left. i.e Conditioning by Facebook, Twitter and the bogeyman's
  • R-evaluates the condition of people thinking that they don't do no evil so don't care about losing civil liberties for more security
  • Identify all people that have not been conditioned properly.
  • People involved with the breaking of the story can be linked to TPTB by some people that I trust
  • Repercussions of his actions will re-enforce TPTB
What was leaked, how it was leaked and interview are very well planned and similar to how I would argue stuff. Know the potential responses before actioning it. It was amazing in how smart it was and especially the back story.

My really take, I actually did something similar to Edward Snowden, in doing something seen illegal by company that I worked for to save the IT systems of a company that had most affect in Fiji. I risked my family and also the future of other people that worked with me in this exercise. Things worked out for us and I hope things work out for Edward Snowden as I believe his motives are pure.

I would be really interested to know if he is a gamer as for me he would need those skills to pull all this off. As you have to have sense that its all game to make it work. Except you don't have any extra lives.


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