Friday, June 14, 2013

List of people attacking Edward Snowden

Interested in who are under control of TPTB, so thought making a list would be interesting.  A good way is in how they are smearing Edward Snowden.

Below are people that who I think are actively smearing Snowden for ulterior motives. List will be constantly updated until I am bored with it.

Speaker - John Boehner
U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
Congressman - Peter King
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham
U.S. Senator Al Franken
U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell
U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss
Minority Leader - Nanci Pelosi
U.S. Senator John Cornyn
Congressman - Mike Rogers
U.S. Senator Susan Collins
US Representative - Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Congressman - Charles Albert "Dutch" Ruppersberger III
U.S Senator - Chuck Schumer
U.S Senator Menendez

Media Commentators
Jeffrey Toobin -  CNN
Chris Mathews - MSNBC
David Gregory -  NBC
Tom Brokaw- NBC
Joe Scarborough  - MSNBC
Lawrence Odonnell  - MSNBC
Diane Sawyer -  ABC
Ralph Peters - Fox
Karen Finney  - MSNBC
Ari Fleischer - CNN
Ralph Peters
Larry King
Dick Cheney
Ed Schultz - MSNBC
Bob Schieffer - CBS
Candy Crowley - CNN
Mika Brzezinski -  MSNBC
Melissa Harris-Perry - MSNBC

Web Commentators
Josh Marshal - TPM
Charles Johnson - LGF
Henry Blodget - Business Insider
Andrew Sullivan - The Dish
Bob Cesca
Roger Simon -  Politico

David Brooks - NYT
Roger Simon - Politico
Joe Klein - TIME
Richard Cohen - Washington Post
Thomas Friedman - NYT
Marc Thiessen - Washington Post
Bill Sher
Ed Morrissey
Matt Miller
Rick Perlstein - The Nation
Willard Foxton
Andrew Ross Sorkin - NYT

Donald Trump
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton
David Simon

Government Employee
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
Keith Alexander
Dana Perino
Senior spokesman for the NSA Don Weber

Criteria for getting on the list.
Saying releasing power point slides will affect national security
Calling Edward Snowden a weazal, kid or  some other disparaging remark, mainly attacking the messenger instead of the message.
Gut feeling but problem is I am getting a feeling that some maybe just doing it for hits so will rank them.

Thoughts on list
Not surprised at the number of Senators compared to congressmen as that is the position that needs most money to get elected.
Surprised at the number of MSNBC commentators but the reality is that TPTB need to keep promoting divide an conquer meme so the left side need to keep their side on page. Also right side is losing its influence on their people.
Not surprised at large number of NYT and Washington Post reporters as it follows MSNBC commentators reasoning. Was surprised at Snowden trying to spill leaks to Washington Post
Not happy putting David Simon on the list and may be wrong with that. Guessing he was recruited after the Wire.

I am still not 100% convinced that Snowden is not a pawn of TPTB/NSAvsCIA as his story and the way it has been played out so far is nearly flawless.


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