Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What Google needs to do to get goodwill back for NSA

The leaks by Edward Snowden has in my opinion affected Google and Apple the most. Especially Google as there is an assumption of the "do no evil" motto that they carry.

Idea that they are giving our data to Military Contractors whose aim to create more profits by pumping more wars doesn't fit with the meme of "do no evil". I have small issues of Military Industry complex wanting to get into more wars as its a business and I have a lot of family  who are mercenaries or work in the UN. The Syria debacle will bring a significant amount of money back to Fiji.

So how can Google get back goodwill from us punters, I think what they are doing is a good step in challenging the Gag order about the secret FISA rulings. Reality people will think the worse when information is in the dark. Like you get more scared at night when you can't see things around you and paranio starts to affect you.

I was going to right a post on how the most important information gathering tool I have had for last 7 years and not being able to access it next month is giving me more bad will to Google then the NSA leaks. So continuing with Google Reader is the first step in getting back goodwill with internet power users. I know Google want people to migrate to Google plus but there's no comparison compared to Google Reader. So for me will get goodwill back by continuing Google Reader.

I think creating a legal challenge for bringing light to NSA secret court rulings is good. Amazing spent fifteen minutes thinking of other ways and I can't think of any significant moves besides marketing.

Google may be in trouble.  Like getting Google glasses which NSA can have access to or driver less cars in which NSA can control.

Anyway good luck Google but I think what is happening like our relationship we have had with Google Reader is a sign of the times.


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