Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why the Gang of Eight is powerless in the new Surveillance State

After reading Edward Snowdens answers about how the Gang of Eight lies was one of the main reasons he became a Whistle blower, I am interested on who are the Gang of Eight and interestingly they are the ones that have been smearing Edward Snowden.

It got me thinking in how did these people get elected into their positions. I remember how J Edgar Hoover key to his power was all the information that he got over people. He used that information to stay in power. I am guessing that Clapper has much more information then Hoover did. So with this power I am sure he is able to help people get into positions of power where the main goal controlling is the Gang of Eight. So am guessing majority of the Gang of Eight either have something to hide or owe NSA information for their power.

But main question is that the NSA is government organisation and why would they do that. But really is it a government organisation when 70% of the workers are contractors and James Clapper was an Executive at Booz Allan Hamilton and 99% of its income (3.8 billion) comes from government contracts.

So the function of NSA would have moved from securing the nation to getting more work for Contractors. This leads to the main function of management in NSA to get information for more contract work. This ends up being a negative for the public in terms of more surveillance work and deterioration of the fourth amendment. It also means contractors will target people to promote the culture of fear. I wonder what they have on media commentators.

So why do I care. The psych profiles of people who succeed at Wall Street means they will do things that they don't want the public to know as it relieves the stress of their work. By private contractors knowing this information and having it over them, they become the choke point in changing the direction towards a sustainable world. Which is something I want for my kids.

Another layer of the onion is peeled.


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