Sunday, June 16, 2013

xbox one vs ps4

As a huge windows based gamer and having an xbox 360 in our living room which my sons play every day. I am really disappointed how Microsoft has screwed up the xbox franchise. I believe that Kinect is some of the the best technology that has been created ever.

So based on media the main arguments for each console

Reasons to buy the PlayStation 4 over Xbox One.

  • It's less restrictive. 
  • Tretton also said PS4 won't require a persistent online connection. 
  • It's cheaper by $100. 
  • A large, diverse games library.

Reasons to buy the Xbox One over PS4

  • Xbox Live. 
  • Powerful first-party options around launch. 
  • The Kinect/SmartGlass combination.

I feel that what has happened is Microsoft execs that have screwed up the licensing for Windows have become decision makers in the Xbox francise. This will cause a lot of bad will within the gaming community and they are different to punter decision makers who don't want to rock the boat and change platforms.

Reality is though that both ps and xbox franchises are in trouble where games from tablets and mobile phones are going to severely eat up into their playing time.

I have been playing video games since late seventies and its amazing to me the games I am playing the most in the last six months has been wow and lol which both don't have very old graphics. The key fun for me is testing my skills against other people


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