Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Response to Martin Armstrong, John Drovak and Rupert Murdoch on Climate Change

“Climate change is a hoax”, in the last month this statement has been promoted by people that I respect.  This was stated by Martin Armstrong, John Dvorak and wife of one of my best friends who is doing her master’s thesis at Cambridge on how climate changing is part of the normal natural cycle.  So I need to clarify my thoughts concerning this issue as there is cognitive dissonance in what I see and feel compared to views of people that I respect. I will try and explore their arguments and expand on what my feelings are, which is that we are affecting the climate and in a negative way.

Growing up in Australia, my connection to the land lied dormant as I believed that earth was nothing but a dead entity. A major factor in being able to change my views was in the process of completing my Computer Science Degree. I created a computerized horse racing handicap system as my final year project. In this process I developed a good understanding of probability and the weighting of factors that are needed to predict future events. 

I awakened to my natural connection to the land after spending 20 years in the management of indigenous land in Fiji. My comprehension changed after seeing so many improbable events occurring regularly. I considered the events nearly impossible to occur when combining all the events in a time frame that it was viewed in. The understanding that the climate is alive and behaves in ways depending on actions that have occurred, is an accepted view in Fijian society. So the improbable events became probable and understandable. After around seven years, I could usually predict a weather based event on actions/affects that have occurred by people.

My argument of a natural connection between people and climate may not work with people like Dvorak, Armstrong and Rupert Murdoch as you need to be open to the idea that there are other forces around us, that are not seen or accepted by Mass Media in the Western World.  Interestingly, If you are Christian and believe that praying for rain can have an affect, then you should believe that climate change can be affected by man.

When I was first going to write this post I was going to argue against that the current change in the climate is not only part of the natural cycle of change but it is also influenced by man.The actions of humans may not be large, but they do have an effect.   Different ingredients/actions would have different effects.  A comparison is if you pour turpentine in a litre of water, we can smell it at range of around 20 micro-grams, which is around 0.000002% of the water. When pouring sugar into a litre of water you would need significantly more sugar than turpentine before you can naturally smell that the water has changed. What I am trying to explain is that different actions will have different effects on different types of the climate and that the action can be very small to have a noticeable effect.

My understanding is that Drovak and Armstrong’s major argument is that the changes we are see is based on natural oscillation of the climate that occurs in cycles. I believe in cycle theory for majority of disciplines, including my knowledge of how climate changes.  Within Cycles there are also cycles at a smaller scale and that is the level I believe that human actions are causing changes. 

The following are the top things that I think are actually having a significant affect in hurting the Earth.
  •   Earthquakes caused by Fracking
  •  Sinkholes caused by mining and water usage
  • Sea is becoming more acidic because of more C02 in atmosphere and less clean water being added to the sea
  • Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) means threat to pollination and is found to be significantly man made disorder
  • Changes in local temperatures due to clearing of Land

After twenty years I have returned back to live in Australia and the climate has changed compared to what I remember it.  Here there are no talking heads that argue against climate change as they are ridiculed, in the same vein as commentators that say smoking is not bad for you because they have an uncle that smokes and drinks and he still lived to his nineties.

I started writing this post then lost my motivation.  I had to drop a family member at Church and  just as I was getting in the car it started to rain. Within an hour 54mm of rain poured down causing floods and major damage, just in my area of the city. To put things in context, so far this year only 14mm of rain has been recorded and in the whole of 2006 there was only 86mm.  So do I believe that the climate changed to give me motivation to finish this post. I will leave that up to you.


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