Monday, August 04, 2014

Hamas and Gaza

Long time since I have posted which means a tipping point must have been reached for me to spend time writing about a subject that have been following for a long time. I predicted the hamas victory in 2006. But I am writing because of am always interested in hypocricy and media bias and what is occurring in Gaza is a good example of how things have gone bad.

In the scheme of things the number of deaths is comparable to other conflicts and as an example more the 3 million kids die each year because of malnutrition. For me their is a significant difference in not giving kids food and targeting kids because they may be potential terrorist in the future.

The main reason for me why this is so important is that Israel and the people that support Israel have such a big influence in the world. So for them to change their values and morals to justify the killing of innocents in a public way is not right. Especially by lying and so what I was going to do was go through the 613 commandments as show how they have moved significantly from their origins.

As part of the commandments are not to slay an innocent person but then came the shocking commandments which are
  •  601.   Not to keep alive any individual of the seven Canaanite nations (Deut.20:16)
  • 602.   To exterminate the seven Canaanite nations from the land of Israel (Deut. 20:17)
  • 613.  To destroy the seed of Amalek (Deut. 25:19)

So in their minds I can see them justifying their actions. For me as a christian they have gone against the commandments of thou shall not kill, thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor and thou shall not covet thy neighbors property.  So I can't understand why supposedly christian states are supporting Israel in this issue.

Really surprised that genocide is part of the Jewish commandments and that they are actioning it in todays world.

Main reason I posted is that people have crossed the line in supporting the killing of innocent children and this meme should not be accepted by majority of people for a functioning society.


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