Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Increasing my Mental Capacity

I am in the process of getting myself in shape to work again. Because of my age I feel I need to increase my mental capacity so that I will be more confident in my abilities. One of those steps is to write a journal every night on what was actioned during the day. I felt it would be more beneficial to me if I made a blog post out of my journey so far.

Increasing my cognitive capacity has been an interesting journey. It started when I realised that I was getting tired all the time when doing my Mongodb course. I inferred that my mental tank had significantly diminished as I was continually getting tired after going through complicated training sessions.  This has led to a rabbit warren full of paths on techniques to increase mental capacity.

The main cognitive aids that I have incorporated into my daily routine are the following

Increased intake of omega-3 in terms of fish oil pills and one tin of tuna a day
Conscious of the need of taking L-tyrosine fortified food
Probiotics in the form of yakult but really should make cabbage juice
Take thiamine tables when brain starts to fog up

Mental Exercise
Mindful Meditation has many different benefits which I am still trying to confirm
dual n-back game to help with fluid intelligence

Physical Exercise
Yoga based exercises and physical activity that will get a sweat
Create a list of tasks to complete during the day in batches of three so can tick them off regurlarly to increase dopamine levels
Create a journal at end of the day to help in terms of spacing memory technique
Learn a new skills or concept to increase dopamine levels

Unconscious Activity
Good Sleep patterns and a nap during the day if I am tired or feel that have to much amyloid beta that is fogging my brain

The majority of my nearly forty steps in my daily routine are related to increasing my cognitive capacity. My assumption is that due to the neuroplasticity of the brain,  it will adapt when it is given rigourous mental exercises like how the body adapts to physical exercise and fasting.

So my strategy is that in building new brain muscles, I will need food to repair the muscles after the exercise and sleep/naps/meditation to rid the waste created by the mental exercises.

Seems rational to me, LOL. Anyway its working,  my brain physically feels better. Hopefully by the end of this exercise, I will have a job and be able to communicate how different I am now.


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