Sunday, April 16, 2017

Consciousness and Universe

Have been following a lot of Jordan Peterson and listened to the last discussion between Peterson and Harris which I didn't find very fulfilling. Based on my frame it seems that Peterson is on another level trying to give examples to Harris to understand what he is saying. Think the problem with me and Harris concepts is that I know that there are forces out there that we not able to comprehend and most of us can't see but we can see the outcomes of their actions. In my experience people who don't have the frame of understanding see these signs as coincidences.

Anyway back on topic so have been contemplating the meaning of life and found Scott Adams explanation interesting and seems to follow similar concepts of people who have taken DMT.  The idea that the older you get, the more you meld into the universe and become one. The more you lose yourself and care about the people around you.

To learn new concepts is very difficult especially if you have no frame around the concept. So after seeing Peterson realizes that the best way to teach new complicated concepts is to wrap them up in a story. A story is similar to a picture is a thousand words. Once you have a foundation and general idea of what happens in the story, next is to explain motivations of characters and meanings of the environment. Once we get an understanding of then get to explain the concept that the story is trying to teach. From there we should be able to see that concept in our environment

Issues I am having with my theory is that I still don't understand is that after death why some people are left behind and some people move on after death. Is it if you live a certain life you meld into the universe where others still play a role. My guess is the closer the person is to the egoless self the better chance they have of melding into consciousness while others have to be around and help people.

 If we are in a video game it would be programmed as each person is given a bar of how much they should do for themselves and how much they have to do for others. When they die whatever is left over they have fulfill that in the afterlife.

I also have an issue how all different types of religion have their own power and works from them. How can this be if one religion is true. When I did religion unit at Uni, I wanted to write a paper on how religion is like natural selection which means the strongest religions are the ones that are able to adapt to their surrounding. That was 30 years ago which means Muslim faith has become the strongest religion since then.

So this leads me today. Was waiting for my wife at Op-shop and thought to kill time would do some mindful meditation. Realised people around me thinking that I was crazy so though I might as well think about stuff that I have been contemplating.  The idea that the universe is a shared consciousness came to me.  Consciousness not as we know as covers all time too.

I think what I need to do is get all the anomalies that I understand may be true and fit an explanation around that. Like spirits, visions, dmt experiences, afterlifes of major religions, affirmations, prayer, sacrifices, empathy, So will be writing more as it seems clarify my thoughts and has better way to expand my frame of reference to expand my consciousness


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