Thursday, April 20, 2017

Meditation and Breathing

My previous post was talking about using meditation to feel the now by using all of my known senses. I know feel that this approach must have a purpose in which I am still yet to articulate but feel true to me so must have value to me.

I have now realised that focusing on the breath is a way of getting into a state that removes all senses from awareness so the background noise can start to filter into our being or able to getting into a dream like state which is starting to manifest itself for me.

I am guessing the breath being so natural means it tricking my awareness and self to a sleep type state. Because when I am tired I do some breathing exercises using the mindful meditation and feel my tiredness go away. Which am guessing expands the blood brain barrier so removing melatonin which is what occurs in sleep as too much melatonin makes us, tired.


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