Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hieroglyphics memes and conciousness

Had a revelation today thinking how the two civilizations that seemed very locked into the different realms of consciousness used hieroglyphics as communication.

Through my research on consciousness, I keep coming back to Mayan and Egyptians. As have found that they were much more advance in traveling to other realms described in DMT trips.

The question I have been trying to answer is why people who use meme warfare have much more luck than normal people arguing on the internet. One of my main pillars of understanding reality is that language defines the way you can think and what you can think about. But the use of memes destroys that limitation which gives you more power in terms of communication and understanding. There is a significant amount of research on how visualizing techniques help in performance and am speculating that people who visualize using means affect our reality more them people arguing it verbally or in written format. Especially when the written word is limited to 140 characters

I find it interesting the more advanced that we see more people seem using memes and emojis in their communication. It's like moving away from written communication to visual communication.

Like who gets information from blogs now its alls seems to be from Twitter,  Reddit, youtube or facebook now.


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