Thursday, June 08, 2017

Mindgamers Movie

Want to document stuff about the mindgamers movie as feel it has something important for me to distil but am still not sure what it is. It also builds on frames I am trying to get an understanding of consciousness and its link to quantum physics. I am more inclined to the idea that stories and movies are the best way to acquire frames to expand your consciousness so are watching films that I want more understanding off.

The film was not a good experience, I still don't get the plot and it wasn't an interesting experience but it was worth my time. I have now read that it's supposed to be a puzzle or us to work out. I find puzzles disturbing that's why don't do them or look for cheats in video games

The main ideas I want to flesh out of this movie are

  • What are the physics and origins of consciousness
  • The superposition principle
  • All matter is nothing but vibration until it collides with human consciousness
  • My mind only exists because another consciousness is observing me, and another observing that.
  • Infinite numbers of observers.  Or, there's just one overarching consciousness observing everything. The multiverse theory demands an infinite number of observers. My explanation requires only one.
  • There is no end to existence, merely an infinite shift to another reality. If you end this outcome, another will be forced into existence. So if we choose to collapse one reality, to bring it down, the other will be forced into existence. An extension of...The lovely Schrodinger.

I now have realized that the film was based on multiverse theory with an ability to be able to merge different realities to one that is optimal to the person controlling the possible outcomes through a quantum computer. I think I would have been more interested in a film based on how bringing other minds into reality by the observation of other consciousness and its all sourced from one consciousness.

I used to flip coins based on major decision based on multiverse theory as know based on our past we are biased to certain choices so if flip a coin better chance to a better outcome which I am living now. But I do worry about all the other realities that I would be suffering in like clones of Alfred in the film prestige


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