Thursday, June 08, 2017

Different Movies

Amazing how the attention of people are still focused on totally different areas and based on my understanding the Daily Kos crowd are still way off. We have totally different views of how Russia affected the US election and what are the biggest threats to society going forward.

So why are intelligent people so different in their understanding of the reality of major events that are happening around us.

I have been connected to the internet since the late eighties when was a regular reader on USENET. So one of my major skills is accessing information on the internet. Would easily meet the 10,000-hour rule. I have also moved between sources when I feel them match my world views or understanding of reality.  Now it seems most of my trusted sources seem to all has taken DMT or Psilocybin.  I also seem to get more meaning by looking into clouds. So I could be defined as having my head in the clouds

For me, the possible reasons could be for people not seeing what I can see

  • Its too much work to question what is being fed by MSM so keep with that narrative
  • Some people don't have the frame or tools to be able to discern what they read or see in front of them
  • Cognitive Dissonance is keeping people in the same frame of thought and so disregarding information that questions it.
  • Don't bite the hand the feeds you, like Cypher in Matrix rather live in fake world than reality
  • Our reality are based on Yin/Yan so there have to be opposite views and due to complexity it has become more noticeable now

For me, it's much worse than it ever has been before and spiraling even fast in how different we are. Personally, I think is something to do with our linked consciousness which I still have not been abel to discern.


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