Saturday, July 15, 2017

Questions to be Answered

I have been on an amazing journey in the last few months and have answered a lot of questions that I have had. Part of the experience was meditating at beaches and at one of largest budhist temples in the southern hemisphere.  My growth was significantly mainly from Jordan Peterson and Thomas Cambell. I now understand how monks can easily be content in a life based on meditation or prayers.

The biggest question I had going into this year was why so many religions and beliefs work if only one religion is true. I have found a biological anwer which I feel has malleable answers that work for me.

Was meditating today thought about posting again and because I have started the kaizen technique of removing procrastination, so will twrite more frequently by doing small posts.

These are main questions that I will take up my pondering in the next stage of my journey.

How does the Schumann resonances affect collective conciousness and is the recorded changes over the last few years a sign of an ascending process?

What have been the main changes in conciousness that has occurred since 2012 ?

What is the physical cause of mandella affect?

What level in the heirarchy are the beings seen in DMT experience ?

Why is love so important when Monroe also said that parents love is used for energy.

Are the TPTB more focused on creating more emotional energy or power?

Am I going crazy?

If we do live in a artificial simulation would life be better if we just take the blue pill.

Jacobs ladders seems to imply reincarnation and removal of purgatory from bible effect on christianity.

Why are the civilizations based on abrahmic religions so dominant?


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