Thursday, August 31, 2017

Different Realities

Have been fascinated why so many people have different realities about what is actually happening around us. Especially the left who I was part of and am now am probably considered right wing which is strange to me as I still have my liberal beliefs.

Was just checking about epistemology philosophers because of the following cartoon

 This led me to the following youtube which talked about the word know and how it's in nearly all languages

The reason I am posting is that I had a revelation when thinking about the description of the differences between the words know and believe. I think a significant difference in the different realities is the people that don't have much belief in anything think that they know that certain faction is of a certain type. So get have actions on incorrect statements.

I am sure I need to flesh this out and this may be only part of the reason but need to document it before I lose the idea.


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