Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Laurel and Yanny as an analogy of the perception of Trump

In my family unit and people that I know, I am the only one that supports Donald Trump. So this post will look at the arguments in changing the perception of Donald Trump.

The key to changing a person's outlook is to make sure that when they change their view it will not harm their ego.   Being associated with Trump's followers is a significant barrier to accepting a positive view of Trump. So the ego will not be able to handle facts that go against their view and will undoubtedly cause cognitive dissonance. If they are able to get over the effect of the ego then they will have to make the change themselves i.e Inception

How I would first start the argument is ask if they heard Yanni or Laurel in the famous sound clip. So the concept of being able to hear and see the same things but have a different interpretation of it is broached. Which means that we both can be looking at the same events concerning Trump but comprehend different outcomes.

I will need to argue Trump's case differently as the media has already changed the way we look his actions. So I will argue in terms of outcomes.  So I would ask the person to define what would be the positive outcomes of a president of the USA. Need to also compare those outcomes to past Presidents so their expectations are reasonable.

Usually, main issues for the public in determining a good president are economy, terrorism, foreign affairs, healthcare and immigration. Once they have set their outcomes of a good presidency I would then go in each of the areas and show how Trump is performing.

For example

  • Lowest unemployment rates for African Americans and Latinos in the 20 years
  • Dow Jones record highs
  • Consumer confidence is in 18 year high.
  • Median household income increased 3% and highest for last 50 years
  • Significant tax cuts
  • Increasing in manufacturing jobs
  • Better trade deals with China

  • ISIS has significantly been reduced
  • A policy of stopping wars in the middle east

Foreign Policy
  • A positive relationship with Saudia Arabia and Israel
  • Much more respected by Asian Countries
  • Peace between North Korea and South Korea
  • Negative relationship with Anglo and European countries

Health Care
  • Terminal patients have rights to access experimental drugs
  • Up to states to decide on marijuana
  • No real change

  • Tougher on illegal immigration
  • No real change as mainly just words

Even after going over facts their ego may still push them away or come up with an excuse for why the facts or outcomes are not important.

It is very hard to have a view that is significantly different to your peers and for most people, it's not worth the effort as they have a lot of other important distractions to be addressed. Especially if they will be looked at unfavourably by their peers to have this view.

I will not use the above to argue with my family and friends as I want them to be happy and if they want to be enlightened they can always come and argue with me.

In the end, the Trump phenonoman could just be a distraction for us for the real intentions of TPTB


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