Friday, July 09, 2010

Sovereign Collapse The Lie

Sovereign debt has had a lot of press lately so what is the lie of Sovereign Debt. First definition of Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a territory. It can be found in a power to rule and make law that rests on a political fact for which no purely legal explanation can be provided.

So how can a country that has supreme authority over its own territory be able to collapse from outstanding loans from companies working within its territory and outside. It can't unless the country is not in fact a sovereign country and does not have supreme independent authority over its terrortity.

So how does powerful countries like Greece, Spain and Ireland lose their Sovereignty. The following is from Damon Vrabel.

The fact is that most countries are not sovereign (the few that are are being attacked by CIA/MI6/Mossad or the military). Instead they are administrative districts or customers of the global banking establishment whose power has grown steadily over time based on the math of the bond market, currently ruled by the US dollar, and the expansionary nature of fractional lending. Their cult of economists from places like Harvard, Chicago, and the London School have steadily eroded national sovereignty by forcing debt-based, floating currencies on countries. So let’s start being honest and stop describing their debt instruments as sovereign.

We long ago lost the free market envisioned by Adam Smith in the “Wealth of Nations.” Such a world would require sovereign currencies, i.e. currencies that are well-regulated rather than floating, and an asset rather than an interest-bearing debt. Only then could there be a “wealth of nations.” But now we have nothing but the “debt of nations.” The exponential math of debt by definition meant that countries would only lose their wealth over time and become increasingly indebted to the global central banking network.

So thanks to debt-based, free-floating currencies, the “wealth of nations” transitioned to the “debt of nations” which is now transitioning to the “death of nations.” The new world economic order with one currency, one banking system, one government, and one integrated corporate empire is on the horizon. Perhaps that’s a good thing, but if it were, why would the establishment concoct oxymorons like “sovereign debt” instead of telling the truth? That’s my only goal here–I think people can be trusted with the truth. Lies harm not only the population hearing them, but also the powerful people telling them.

TPTB have the best salesmen in the world, so why don’t they just sell the population on the truth? Apparently they don’t think you’d like it. Well now you have it. And it’s coming unless countries follow Iceland’s lead and recover their sovereignty. The choice is ours.

I watched the you tube clips of the Economic Assassin which confirms a lot of what is being stated by Vrabel.. There was one comment comment that John Perkins said which confirmed to me that he knows what he is talking about as it not readily known except in MIC.

It also reminds me that people in TPTB and they are human so affected by human weakness. Main weakness that I have experienced with people that are the smartest people in the room is that they are very good at believing each others bullshit. I am sure the best of the best work for the TPTB

I think the majority think what they are doing serves a higher purpose. But I think they have lost the concept of the big picture as what are are they trying to defend, for who and to live in what type of environment.


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