Monday, July 05, 2010

Procrastinating What needs to be done now

My boys are having exams soon and they are having problems in concreting on their study. So I taught them the concept of procrastination, so increasing their vocabulary and understanding. I was amazed how so many people here don't understand that concept.

The best definition of procrastination I liked is, procrastination is doing things you want to do instead of doing the things you need to do.

Just by us being aware of this concept has made a significant difference in the way my kids are studying and them telling me to stop procrastinating. The key is being aware of what needs to be done and the knowing the consequences of not doing it now.

Before I was posting how reduction in trust has caused a significant reduction in the cohesion of society but I missed the importance of procrastination.

Since the meme of what can you do for me and me first culture is really much more acceptable now then before I think that is a major reason for the problems we are facing.

Main example is US government is not doing the things that should be done but doing the things they want. This meme permutes throughout society. So if majority of people are doing the things they want to do instead of doing things that need to be done you expect something is going to collapse.

Thats what we are seeing round the world as the earth is unhealthy, institutions/governments spending money they don't have and cost of some services doesn't match what is the real value of those services. The biggest problem I see though is people have been misled in understanding what needs to be done and what are the consequences of what happens when it doesn't get done. The reason being is TPTB profits from the meme of doing things you want to do now.

I am a great procrastinator and this blog is a good example as I have left some blog post half finished but the more I write the more I feel I am getting more awareness of the issues


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