Saturday, July 03, 2010

Distracted Easily

I am getting distracted easily as my original intention was to post about problems of the world going forward into now focusing of getting more then 100 unique views a day. I like the following quote on being easily distracted easily.

The more you let yourself be distracted from where you are going, the more you are the person that you are. It's not so much like getting lost as it is like getting found.

Distraction is the change of attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction. Distraction is caused by one of the following: lack of ability to pay attention; lack of interest in the object of attention; greater interest in something other than the object of attention;

For me my ego was telling me what is the use of writing posts if no one is going to read them. So currently working on way of getting posts to be found by search engines while also I am actually clarifying in my head how to express the reality of what we are facing. I think it all leads up to a way to solve our problems going forward and the more I post, the more I think we will be okay as long as all countries and companies are willing to take a loss


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