Friday, July 02, 2010

is bad for you thoughts

So what thoughts is bad for you. An article on the types of thoughts that are bad for you.


Prolonged stress can be deadly, and if it doesn't do you in, workplace stress can increase your chances of heart disease, flu virus, metabolic syndrome and having high blood pressure.

When I am highly stressed I try and use that power to get more thing down and motivation to do more work to address stress. You also need to have the understand there is some stress that you have no control over it so don't worry about it just the contingencies.

Gloom and Doom

The gloomy, inhibited person is not just at a disadvantage socially, but also physically. It seems to affect stress and immune system

I have been thinking a lot of doom and gloom lately but have been spurred to write on this blog and look for answers to address our problems.


Anxiety is typically associated with uneasiness, apprehension, fear or worry. I also think anxiety can occur when you body is sick and its trying to tell you something but you not able to identify whats wrong with your body.

Also have contradictory ideas can cause anxiety.

Lack of Self-control

People who are organized and self-disciplined, as opposed to impulsive live two to four years longer than others. Main reason is highly conscientious individuals are less likely to smoke or drink to excess, and live more stable and less stressful lives.

This i relative lack of self control can be bad for your health but can be really good in terms of new experiences and building character.


People who are constantly worried and anxious and prone to depression, die sooner on average than their chill counterparts.

I am a person that frets a lot and find that good in terms of making sure things get done

Lack of Meaning

People who have a high purpose in life seemed to live longer. I see this all the time especially in older people when their life partner dies you see them dying a few years later.

Research has suggested that people with a higher sense of purpose may have different levels of stress hormones, better heart health or improved immune systems.

I think that having a sense of purpose is important in health and really everyone has a purpose and if you are not sure then there is saving the world.


Cynics who tend to be suspicious and mistrustful of others, a character trait that scientists refer to as hostility, may have an increased likelihood of developing heart disease.

I am a cynical person but I also have belief that we can change a lot of the issues around us


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