Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clock Runs Out Google has to Move on China ICP License

From Googles blog An update on China which says that its Internet Content Provide ICP License is up for renewal on the 30th June 2010. So Google has to do something and as China isn't expected to renew its license, it needs to do something or at least say it is doing something.

I have read the blog post twice and still cant get what its trying to say but from the from links relating to the the blog what it seems to be happening is that Google will stop redirecting users to Hong Kong and back to china but with a limited service.

My take is China has the cards and if Google want to play then it will have to play Chinese poker not hold em.

This is classic case of cognitive dissonance for me a I have the view that Google should be following it principles so no self censorship against idea that sometimes to get real change you have to be part of the mix.

I believe that Google has limited power in this dispute and the TPTB of China and Baidu would be happy for Google to sit this out.


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