Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spain vs Netherlands World Cup 2010

The Final has arrived and its Spain vs Netherlands for the 2010 World Cup. My team is Australia and its the last team that has beaten Netherlands who beat my second favorite team Brazil.

The betting on the cup sees Spain are significant favorites. The last world cup is the only time I lost significant money on a bet when I bet that Germany would win the World Cup but ended up with a good win by my biggest bet was Australia making the Finals and beating Croatia.

I really haven't go a clue who is going to win this game but think it will be closer then the betting. Paul the squid seems to be a good indicator of picking the winning except I think he just chooses in Germany games.

So this is the biggest battle between the Dutch and the Spanish since the Eighty Year war. So why do I think the Netherlands will win World Cup 2010

  • A significant number of population in South Africa are Dutch Afrikaners so a home game
  • Netherlands beat the best team in the competition Brazil
  • Kama for arrest over the Orange Dresses
  • Orange is one of my favorite colors
  • Spanish team is made up of different players from different regions who normally don't get on which each other
  • Feel that Netherlands can handle the pressure more the Spain
  • Influence of its black players

Anyway it should be a good game and good luck to both sides and am happy that we will have a new World Cup winner in 2010.


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