Friday, July 09, 2010

2010 Clean Energy Myths

As the earth is telling us there is something wrong we need to move to clean energy. So what are the 2010 Clean Energy Myths. The following is sourced from popular mechanics

Nuclear Power Isn't a Safe Solution
New Technology and procedures has made Nuclear much safer then before and a lot of countries are now implementing Nuclear Power. Perception of Safety is much worse then reality.

Ethanol is Problematic—But Switchgrass Will Save the Day
I think ethanol from Sugar is viable alternative and ethanol from corn is funded by US government for the corn growers. I am totally biased for sugar as have sugar cane farms on our land.

Wind Power is Far Too Unreliable
What gets missed is that people are assuming that all power will come from one source. Thats why I like the idea of Nuclear power with natural power options

Tidal Power is a Lost Cause
Another source of power that is just waiting for the right technology to assist with extracting the power

Clean Coal Can Clear the Skies of Emissions
Don't like the idea of  mountain top mining and as a person who used to use coal for cooking and heating I can't see how this can ever be clean.

The Risk of Earthquakes makes Deep Geothermal Unrealistic
For me the risk of Nuclear accident is better then playing with earths power.

Solar Energy Will Never Pay for Itself
This what I like about the Obama Strategy in that if they are going to print a lot of money, might as well spend it on things that are expensive to build now but will be value in the future.

We Have to Drill Our Way Out of the Energy Dilemma
I think its well known now that the majority of place to get oil is now more dangerous to the environment e.g Shale, Gulf etc.
Nuclear Risk is better then Oil until get safe natural options working well.

For me TPTB while they still have a lot of funds should move from our dependence of oil to clean energy alternatives. Only problem I see is how they use oil for leverage.


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