Monday, March 21, 2011


VCU (Virginia Commonwealth Rams) has reached the final l four in NCAA 2011. VCU will be playing Florida State in the Sweet Sixteen.

It seems in the difference from their season play to the 2011 NCAA playoffs is their intensity in defending the three point line and the play of Joey Rodriguez.

I have also said if players are off similar ability pick the smart coach and Shaka Smart is a Smart. He could have been an Ivy Leaguer. He was accepted at Harvard before deciding he'd be more comfortable at a small college in Ohio.

Another interesting point in the sweet sixteen is that there will be two team from Richmond. The Rams will be joined in San Antonio by the University of Richmond, marking only the fourth time since 1980 that two teams from the same city advanced to the Sweet 16. Los Angeles has sent two teams on three occasions -- UCLA and USC in 2001 and 2007, and UCLA and Loyola Marymount in 1990. Temple and Villanova represented Philadelphia in 1988.

Team for VCU Rams in NCAA Basketball Mens tournament for 2011

Jamie Skeen, F, D.J. Haley, C, Joey Rodriguez, G, Bradford Burgess, G
Ed Nixon, G

Darius Theus, G, Rob Brandenberg, G, Troy Daniels, G, Toby Veal, F, Brandon Rozzell, G, Juvonte Reddic, F

You can see that the current Rams recruiting is in a different class then previous VCU teams as two players in the last two drafts have been selected in the first round of the NBA draft where previously they highest was a second round draft choice in 1974. The two VCU players that were drafted in first round are
  • Eric Maynor 2009 to Present - Drafted by the Utah Jazz in the 1st round (20th pick, 20th overall)
  • Larry Sanders 2010 to Present - Drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1st round (15th pick, 15th overall)

I was going to take VCU in the bracket but on the assumption that USC would beat them in the playoffs. I always like Cinderella teams especially teams that play as a team.

Final Four
Last time blogged about a team in the Final four the Florida Gators won two years in a row so VCU may be lucky this year. Problem is I first picked Kentucky to win it all then decided against them because of bill Simmons podcast and then went with my gut with Uconn to win it all in my bracket. I also like the story of Butler and would be happy if they won.

But as since I wrote this post "VCU NCAA 2011". I really hope that VCU Rams wins it all and really if you look at all their games so far, there has only been one close game against Florida St.


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