Monday, March 21, 2011

Ron Paul Fiscal Conservatives Hypocrisy

Ron Paul in latest addresses mocks Fiscal Conservatives of cut money to million's of dollars of funding for NPR but continue to waste hundreds of billions on military engagements in other countries mainly Afghanistan.

Two other comments that I found interesting from his address was through history the end of empires come when those empires spread themselves out to far and are not able to financially sustain them.The other comment was how a significant reason of why the Soviet union went down was due continuous occupations.

Its amazing to me how people believing the words and talking points from politicians when their actions are so different.

As I have blogged before I don't thing there is much difference between Democrats and Republicans only on some divisive wedge issues that never get resolved anyway and doesn't really affect the majority of people.

I do like Ron Paul though as on major issues he seems to be more reality based and it was him who first go me to read about how destructive the Fed is and the importance of Gold.


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