Monday, March 21, 2011

Number of Computers for Home School

So what are the number of computers for home school. As we are heavily into using online tools for our homeschooling it is interesting to determine number of computers needed for home school.

Our setup is wireless with three PC's and one notebook. I use the notebook while the other three PC's are on a first come first served basis. So this morning when I asked my son's to continue with their Khan Academy math's exercises we have Grandma doing her blog posts and Facebook updates and Mum checking her email and other social media activities. So there is an issue on number of access to internet to complete their exercises.

For me its really hard to get my son's to do activities, so having any excuse to get out of learning activities is given with great enthusiasism. I think the best option is to have a wireless  netbook or table computer for each  child that is being home schooled is the best option. It should also be also on a wireless network which as of now is not that hard to setup compared to a few years ago.


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