Friday, March 18, 2011

Mike Tyson 2011 Cleaning Up his Image

It seems in 2011 Mike Tyson is cleaning up his image and this youtube clip is a classic example of that. I started following Mike Tyson after reading about a promising boxer in Sports Illustrated in the mid eighties. What was so special about that sports illustrated article is that where was also an article about an up and coming junior golfer named Tiger Woods. I have been searching for that sports illustrated issue with no luck.

Watching Mike Tyson fights with my brothers and father are some or my best experiences in life. People don't understand the violence of boxing unless you see it up close. This is something I didn't realise until later on when I helped administer professional boxing in Fiji.  Mike Tyson in my youth represented extreme violence and was a violent character. The only other boxers we loved that have come close for us besides Ali was Jeff Fenech and Kostya Tszyu.

So how is Mike Tyson cleaning up his image in 2011. First he is on a vegan diet, acting in films and documentaries e.g hangover, dropped more the 100 pounds, no more gold teeth and creating a new television show about pigeons. But the most important change is I think is that he is just getting older and has reached a point in his life where he realises the importance of his children and becoming a family man

On December 7, 2010, Tyson was inducted to the International Boxing Hall of Fame, alongside legendary Mexican champion Julio César Chávez, light welterweight champion Kostya Tszyu, and actor/screenwriter Sylvester Stallone. This is amazing to me as Tyson is my favourite sportsman with Jordan, Kosta Tszyu is the best boxer I have seen in real life and in a real boxing tournament on TV i.e world amatuers.  Rocky 3 is my favourite movie of all time as I watched it at cinema with my brothers and father, amazing experience. Of course Julio Cesar Chavez was on of the best boxers in my generation.

I wish all the best going forward for Mike Tyson and his family.


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