Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is Japanese tsunami the sign of Armageddon

Is the japanese earthquake and corresponding tsunami a sign of armageddon. I am going to be stop being politically correct on this topic and say what I have been feeling for the last year.

Something is totally wrong with our planet, it is very sick and the signs are record eathquakes, tsunamis, floods and hurricanes plus a large number of dead birds and fish. These are signs from my up bringing of impending armageddon.

The best comment I have read about this today is The most disturbing concept of Armageddon is that it's already here, but that it just moves really slow.

If you think about it a ten year period in the perspective of tens of thousands of years is not long at all. So we could be all facing armageddon but don't know it. What would convince people that we are in that period and what does armageddon really mean?

Yeah, I don't know but after watching the tsunami ravage japan and the oil fires something doesn't look right in this world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are right. It is a sign of it not being here, but it coming sooner then we anticipate.

2:27 am  

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