Thursday, March 10, 2011

Khan Academy Home Schooling

It is my responsibility to teach my kids maths and the best tool I have seen so far is Khan Academy which give you tubes on understanding concepts but they now are including 100 exercises to be completed. In which students can follow exercises like it is a game. Setup like a tree in role playing games with achievements. It is an awesome motivation tool and my sons are now competing for most points, badges and stars

You can also register as a coach and see how your students are going in answering the questions and how much time they have spent on youtube learning concepts. I also use this as a tool for my boys to compete against each other by seeing how each other is going.

I am so impressed by this setup and it has a large number of factors in ability of quickly learning a skill. That is self pace, repetition of problems, motivations for completing problems, feedback and good coaching.

I looked at the team developing the site and can see why its so good. There are two developers from fog creek software and one from Microsoft. I have been following Joel Spolsky blog for more then five years now and consider him one of best in terms of software development.

For me I have used their youtubes on business to understand credit default swaps which was my best source in understanding how they work. I would do the exercises on Finance if it was available.

For us subjects that we would be interested in are youtubes on Music, Health and English and more exercises on sciences.

People reading this blog would realise, I really need help in English


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