Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Android vs Iphone 2011

I believe android will become more popular then Iphone but before going into Android vs Iphone for 2011. I will give my history with the Companies that produce Android and Iphone. I have always been an apple fan since our neighbor had an apple computer in 1981. Used Macintosh extensively for my university assignments in the late eighties. So I have always been a fan of apple and consider the iphone a revolutionary product.

In terms of Google I have followed google since it was shown up on Slashdot more then 10 years ago and optimised our companies website to be found on Google when Alta Vista was still the number one search engine.

First I believe smartphones will replace a significant amount of stuff we are currently doing on computers and for me I use my smartphone for my emails, facebook and twitter feeds.

The main reason I think android is going to win is why I choose PC instead of apple to write final year project at university in the early nineties. It was much easier to develop computer programs for PC then Apple computers and I have found the same experience when considering developing applications for smartphones. In my experience it is much easier to get started on developing on Android then Iphone.

To me Android vs Iphone is in similar environment as in the early nineties (PC vs Apple computers) also in terms of many different suppliers of phone for androids compared to iphone and ipad. Like more then twenty yeas ago the macintosh experience was much more better experience then DOS applications.

I see android users significantly overtaking iphone users mainly due to cost and android experience being good enough. Which will lead to more applications being developed for android and also business moving from blackberry to android smartphones.

Below is comparison of current usage of android and iphone and expect will change going forward

Retail giant Amazon is preparing to launch its own app store on the Android platform on Tuesday, March 22

ATT has just bought T-Mobile which will make it largest wireless carrier, I think this is a positive for Iphone.

Senator Harry Reid calls for DUI checkpoint app removal: RIM's game, Google isn't, Apple's undecided. This are sort of applications that will be tipping point applications for android vs Iphone. Apps that apple say no to but are cool to own on the android by influential users.

In 2011 Android captured first place among smartphone platforms by moving from 19.6 percent to 26.0 percent of US smartphone subscribers. While the number of Iphone subscribers has has not moved significantly

In terms of developer interest of android vs Iphone 2011, IOS has a significant advantage over android for both Iphone and Ipad. But in terms of free applications there are more free applications developed for android then iphone which is shown below

Latest news from google blog on android momentum shows that there are one hundred million activated android devices with more then four billion applications installed on those devices. I think the most important information from that post is that Google is offering a way to store you music online and ability to have one music library for your mobile devices, computers, notebooks and tablets.

I can really see this working as it sounds really cool to be able to go to another persons device and access your music and for people like us where we have eight people in our house were we have first come first served basis on computers, notebooks this service is ideal.

The meta beta is an interesting service in that it differentiates itself from itunes in a significant way but for me the biggest drawback in the service being accepted are the download charges that a lot of mobile companies tie to their mobile contracts. In the end though I can see this being a game changer in the android vs iphone battle of 2011


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