Wednesday, March 09, 2011

gold silver forecast 2011

For the past six months the majority of my internet time has been reading zero hedge articles, KWN podcasts and Turd Ferguson blog. This has given me the confidence to give my gold silver forecast for 2011.

Once my application has been approved I will moving all my life savings here and am planning to put the majority into physical silver. So why wouldn't I put them into solid assets like shares, bank or property. I am a gambler and if you read this blog since 2004 you would know that majority of big things that I have bet on have come true. It could be reading all bearish blogs on the internet but I am usually reality based in what I see and actions speak louder then words, the majority of actions that I am seeing is the world is environmentally sick and institution that have been running our societies are reaching a tipping point. Where the biggest problem is that of trust, trust in institutions, banks, leaders, society and of course fiat currencies.

What is best insurance against that going forward, I believe it is commodities and the most easiest commodities that can last are silver, gold and copper. So the question is out of these three metals which was has best forecast for 2011. I feel that gold is undervalued and will significantly increase but that silver will increase much more percentage wise.

To guess what the prices would be foolish because in the end I will be speculating in dollars when the same dollar we talking about now will buy a totally different amount of oil compared to the end of this year. I am just forecasting that silver and gold will be worth much more in dollars than it currently worth.


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