Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Increase Maths Skill

So how did I double the maths score for my son in class eight maths. The key factors in learning a new skill effectively is understanding, repetition, motivation and feedback. So these factors will be the same in the ability to increase maths skill.

So why did Khans Acadamy You tubes successfully help my son understand concepts in which reading and me trying to explain it to him didn't work. For me the key was that using you tube clips you are able to go back and forward through the clip in you own pace to try and understand the concept that is trying to be learn't. So they get to understand the concept but really without repetition you wont be able to learn it.

By giving exercises on concepts being taught it reinforces the concept what is being learnt in the maths skill and if they are not sure how to do it, they can open the you tube clip and see how its done. For me the motivation is the hardest part in learning a new skill as its the motivation that drive the person to watch the clips, complete the exercises and fix the mistakes.

So how do you motivate a son in maths that wants to be a security officer. Any help in this issue would be appreciated and the only one I have found to work effectively so far is the physical motivation.

But what I have found actually the most important ingredient is actual feedback on the exercises as for me the best way of learning is by making mistakes and how do you know you have made a mistake unless you are told what you are doing is wrong.

In my experience this is the biggest mistake I have done in trying to teach my kids skills, giving them exercises without properly going over their results. Once I did this and helped them with their errors there was a significant improvement in their maths skill.


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