Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Home Schooling using online tools

As an IT person I have always believed that using IT tools can help my kids learn. But I have never had any real success until I used Khan Academy you tube videos which actually doubled my son's maths score from trial exam to the actual end of year year eight exams. I also had the help of a work mate create regular test questions for him to complete which also significantly helped.

I was one of the early adopters of using Google Documents and actually three years ago used google documents to answer tender questions for a large IT project. The issue I had was the integration with Microsoft products and this has now been addressed by Google Cloud Connect. I will be using these tool with my kids and family in terms of planning home school curriculum and looking at work that has already been actioned.

The key will be in getting the other members in our home schooling team to actually use the tools. I have been trying to get workmates and family to use IT collaboration tools for the last 12 years without much success and hopefully this time it will work.

There is a great discussion at slashdot on online science sources for high school kids in around year eight level


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