Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Internet explorer 9 xp

I have just tried to download internet explorer 9 on XP and found out that it only works on Windows 7. Microsoft's excuse is that the graphics card-powered hardware acceleration that helps the browser load pages faster doesn't work properly with the device drivers on Windows XP.

This decision sounds crazy as if it will be the motivation for people to upgrade to windows 7.

At home we have four network pc's and one notebook all running XP and only my notebook is powerful enough to run windows 7. Majority of my family is now using Google Chrome or Firefox in which they all can use the latest versions.

I used to manage around 200 pc's and notebooks where the majority are running XP's and some are running Windows 7. I never upgraded toMicrosoft Windows 7 due to it not having a device driver for the Huwai modem that I used to access the internet. I can't see them upgrading there computer so that they can access internet explorer 9.

Microsoft must have done their research in making this gamble of linking internet explorer 9 to windows seven and not XP. I am guessing they are writing-off the current internet explorer share for old computers . So be able to compete with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, microsoft needs to takes advantage of new Window Seven software. So this will stop people migrating to the competition once they have bought a new computer and when people like us have to buy a new computer they will get us to use internet explorer 9.

But the elephant in the room, is internet explorer 9 a better experience then chrome or firefox?

I can't give any advice on that question as I am not able to use microsoft internet explorer 9.


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