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Albert Einstein Interesting Facts

Interesting article on Interesting facts about Albert Einstein. Below are the interesting facts concerning Albert Einsteing

Born With a Giant Head
Einstein was born with an abnormally large and generally misshapen head. In fact, the thing was so big that doctors were concerned he might be mentally challenged. This concern was apparently present for much of his childhood, as the future physicist spoke slowly until about age nine (those rumors that Einstein didn't speak at all until age four are apparently just that, however).

Asked to Be Israel's Second President
When Israel's first president, Chaim Weizmann, died in 1952, the country's prime minister offered Einstein the job—hey if the guy could do for politics what he did for physics… Einstein ultimately turned down the position, expressing regret at his "lack [of] both the natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people and to exercise official function."

The Illegitimate Daughter
Perhaps it was the accent or the rock star hair or the Matthau-esque sense of humor. What ever the case may be, Einstein was reportedly quite the chick magnet in his day. In 1896, he befriended Mileva Marić, one of the first women to study physics in Europe. The relationship soon blossomed into something altogether different, and by 1901, Marić was pregnant with Einstein's child. The daughter, Lieserl, was born in 1902, a year before the two were married. No one knows for sure what happened to the daughter. She was likely either given up for adoption or died some time in 1903

Mysterious Last Words
Before Einstein died in his sleep, Einstein uttered his final words to a nurse—in German. Unfortunately, it was a language she didn't speak, so the words were lost forever. At the time of his death, the physicist was writing a piece, which ended abruptly mid-sentence, "Political passions, once they have been fanned into flame, exact their victims..."

Women and War
Einstein's thoughts about women in the military? Simple. Send them to the front line—it'll confuse the hell out of the opponent. From his 1931 Essay, The World As I See It, "In my opinion, the patriotic women ought to be sent to the front in the next war instead of the men. It would at least be a novelty in this dreary sphere of infinite confusion, and besides—why should not such heroic feelings on the part of the fair sex find a more picturesque outlet than in attacks on a defenseless civilian?"

Couldn't Remember Birthdays—or Anything Else
The smartest guy in the world couldn't be bothered with such trivialities as bringing umbrellas or changing his clothes. Einstein famously had a terrible memory when it came to those things he deemed unimportant—something that extended to birthdays. As he once wrote to his then-future wife, Marić in a letter, "my belated cordial congratulations on your birthday yesterday, which I forgot once again." Well Albert, for what it's worth, we remembered yours.


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a cool, my buddies grandpa worked on the manhattan project with him. He said his grandpa would say that Einstein would be muttering theories to himself as he walked down the hallways and rarely showered and such

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