Friday, March 18, 2011

Ken Pomeroy NCAA Power Ratings 2011 March Madness

In researching my bracket for 2011 the work of Ken Pomeroy came to my attention as some very smart people seem to defer to him when making choices on who will win certain choises. Pomeroy power rankings were very accurate in 2008 and last year as he had duke to win it. 

An interview of Ken Pomeroy with Chad Millman can be found here
In the interview he states that he was influenced by Bill James and Dean Oliver. His ratings are based on Offense and Defense Efficiency. Main stat is points per possession and ranking the strength of the opponent and more recent results have more of a factor.

 My final year computer project was creating a horse handicap system which I have been successfully ranking horse in Melbourne cups so I am one that loves complicated ratings systems.
Problem for me is I have just found his site now and have already filled my bracket out which goes against his ranking as I have Uconn winning it and they are ranked sixteen.

Below are Ken Pomeroy's power ratings  for the March Madness NCAA

Rank Team
1 Ohio St. 1
2 Duke 1
3 Kansas 1
4 Texas 4
5 Pittsburgh 1
6 Kentucky 4
7 San Diego St. 2
8 Purdue 3
9 Wisconsin 4
10 Notre Dame 2
11 Syracuse 3
12 Louisville 4
13 North Carolina 2
14 Brigham Young 3
15 Washington 7
16 Connecticut 3
17 Belmont 13
18 Utah St. 12
19 Florida 2
20 Illinois 9
21 Clemson 12
22 West Virginia 5
23 Cincinnati 6
24 Nevada Las Vegas 8
25 George Mason 8


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