Monday, March 21, 2011

Gold for Wheat

As price of wheat consumption has increased significantly over the last five years and this year there is major Chinese drought and the main wheat areas of Australia were flooded. Under these circumstances you have significant devaluations on major fiat currencies of the world against commodities. Is there a chance that we will be trading gold for wheat instead of the use of dollars.

Sounds crazy but in Zimbabwe they are already trading Gold For Bread.  The crazy thing about that you tube clip  is people complaining about no food in fertile land and saying how that have to pan for cold so can get one loaf of bread of 0.1 grams of gold..

I can now see why the use of notes a much better then Gold as a trading mechanism. Otherwise people will be spending their productive labour in looking for gold instead of creating things of value for the community.

Any people always joke how countries fiat system will follow the path of zimbabwe and if so we will be trading gold for wheat and other goods.


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