Monday, March 21, 2011

nuclear radiation effects

After seeing the radiation dose chart did some more reach on nuclear radiation effects

First is radiation in Daily life in which are exposed to radiation on regular occurrence through food, plane trips, xray and daily exposure to environment.

Once you have to much radiation there can be severe effects which can either be physical or genetic. The effects can be erythema, acomia, fetus development disorder, cataract, Cancer, leukumia and conginetal anomaly

Below is diagram of acute Radiation impact. Which shows what sort of impact would happen to exposure to nuclear radiation Show that nuclear radiation of more then 7000 mSv would lead to death

Below is diagram of control measure in Nuclear disaster so that you lime the effects of nuclear radiation. Where the best option is to hide in concrete shelter.

The international limit for radiation exposure for nuclear workers is 20 mSv per year, averaged over five years, with a limit of 50 mSv in any one year. In Fukushima, Japan, On the morning of Tuesday 15 March 2011, radiation rose to approximately 1000 millisieverts (or 1 sievert) per hour for a brief time, the highest level of radiation detected at any point of time during the accident at the plant.

There is too much money/agenda's involved in current Japanese nuclear incident to get correct figures so really the Fukushima 50 will be canary in this coal mine on the effects of nuclear radiation.


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