Tuesday, March 29, 2011

youtube tipping point reached

Last week my mum who is over seventy asked to use earphones so that she could listen to "Rest Gently" from Mozart. This was the first time she was actively using Youtube. So I was thinking that in our household the tipping point has been reached for the use of YouTube.

At home we use YouTube for mainly the following reasons
  • Music and movie videos,
  • Khan Academy instructions
  • Sport training exercises and sporting highlights
  • Vegetable gardening tips
  • Links from blogs and friends
  • Normal gen z youtube activities
  • Symphony Orchestras

On Sunday our church minster presented a youtube of the "women from the well" in modern circumstances. Our church average age is over sixty and this must be the first time a lot of them have seen a Youtube clip. I think they were pretty shocked but it is a sign of the times I suppose. We have also started a Computer Club were we will be teaching the church members how to access Facebook and Youtube which will also be interesting.

Now I see that their were 33 million streams of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra watched in 189 countries of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra Grand Finale. This is very interesting because usually people like my mum are quite picky in the quality of the audio they listen to, especially for Symphonies but the results speak louder then generalisations.

Google is really pushing the envelope with Youtube and I think it is a good strategy because its their main ace against Facebook.

Anyway the only person left in our household to actively use YouTube is my father and I think once my kids sports/church/school performances are posted there he will start to use it.

Just found out that this is my 500th Blog post since 2004 and I am happy it was on this topic.
Father just bought earphones and is now actively using Youtube for Fijian songs.


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