Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SuperCoach Trade after Rd1 2011

So what happens after you have realised you starting SuperCoach team is below average. Luckily we have two rounds of four trades to get rid of players who are about drop significantly and pick up those rookies and premium players that I should have had on my team. Below is list of best people available for trade in terms of upgrades for salary and SC Scores.

TAYLOR, Harry , $423,800, Next opponent: Fremantle
NEWMAN, Chris, $450,900, Next opponent: St Kilda
PEDERSEN, Cameron , $109,700, Next opponent: Collingwood (I am waiting until after bye before trading for him)

SWAN, Dane, $617,300, Next opponent: North Melbourne
SYLVIA, Colin (MID), $428,200, Next opponent: Hawthorn
CURNOW, Edward, $107,700, Next opponent: Gold Coast
LIBERATORE, Tom, $103,600, Next opponent: Brisbane
JOHNSON, Ben , $384,100, Next opponent: North Melbourne

HILLE, David, $388,700, Next opponent: Sydney
WARNOCK, Robert, $298,600, Next opponent: Gold Coast
COX, Dean, $428,200, Next opponent: Port Adelaide

SYLVIA, Colin (MID), $428,200, Next opponent: Hawthorn
TAPSCOTT, Luke, $110,200, Next opponent: Hawthorn
DAWES, Chris $364,600 Next opponent: North Melbourne
DARLING, Jack $103,600, Next opponent: Port Adelaide


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