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AFL SuperCoach Strategy 2011

Since I spent the majority of yesterday researching SuperCoach players and strategy. I am writing what is AFL SuperCoach Strategy for 2011. Supercoach is an online Australian Football League (AFL) fantasy football game in which the punter takes on the role of coach and selector and guide their hand-picked team against other teams.

There are three main competitions in AFL SuperCoach. The main one is be the top of the ladder at the end of competition and this one you will be in competition with around 400,000 players. The second is to get the top points in one weekend's game. The last type of game and one in which most people will be focused on is winning your finals. All three types should employ different strategies especially now when byes are involved in the 2011 AFL season.

The main factors affecting your strategy for all competitions are
  • The original selection of your starting 22 and choosing players who will be your captain and vice captain.
  • Their is a maximum of 24 trades where you can only trade 2 per round
  • Affect on your players who will have Byes on Rounds 4, 5, 6, 16 and 19 considered bye weeks.
  • The amount of cash you have to purchase your team and then upgrade your teams through trades

Strategy for Winning your League.

The main factor in winning this leagues is getting into the top eight of your league and then by the time of the finals having the best 22 players in your team.

So the main aim to to be able to get enough cash to upgrade your players for the finals but also win enough games to get in the top eight of your competition. What I have read is the best way to do this is stack your team with players you expect to have have significant upgrades with some premium players who you expect will be in your final 22 for the finals.

The bye's are really important to in terms of head to head games and which players will be available in finals. So players from Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane won't be affected from byes and premium players from North Melbourne, Geelong, Carlton or Essendon won't be available for some of the SuperCoach Finals.

A good way to start off is by selecting two/three cheap players who are less than $200,000 for each position/area. This players will probably sit on bench and I also look for mature age rookies who will be getting game time and have proven themselves in pre-season. e.g Nick. Duigan and Andrew Krakouer.

The choose some mid rang players from $200,000-$400,000 players who you expect will either be upgraded or will be in you final 22 for the finals. A key factor which is hard to find stats on his if the player Supercoash statistics is trending up or down because of his age/injuries.

Now majority of players should be selected and then you pick your Gun players who will be your captain and vice captain and will accumulate the most of your score.

The first three rounds is really important in the trades because players value don't get upgraded until after the third round. This is where you identify players that will be increasing significantly and if your guns have not lost a step or two. So would use all trades on picking up value to be traded later for my final 22 and if you are lucky might end up in the final 22 for the finals.

Then all my trades after this would be focusing on getting my final 22 and making sure my team reaches the finals. From my experience from Fantasy Football what really matters is just reaching the final with a good team and then just hope you have some good luck. But having the best team on paper gives you an advantage.

Last factor you should think about in winning your league is what teams will resting their players in the SuperCoach finals and if your gun players are playing at team that is good at reducing SuperCoach points.

Strategy for Winning the Ladder

In this comp its really about getting points so the byes and potential upgrades is not as much a factor. As your starting 22 has to start getting a lot of points from round one to the final round.

The strategy for winning the ladder is risky and it has to be as you competing against nearly 400,000 players.The best strategy that I have read is getting mid range players who you will then trade for value rookies that have become good and premium players who will become guns.

If you are aiming to win this one you should also be checking what ground, teams and players your starting 22 is playing against as that can have significant affect on their performance.I would also identify who are the best taggers in the AFL and note when they are playing against my players.

Strategy for Winning one Week.
This competition is all about having your starting 22 and your captain scoring the most points in one week. I would suggest a similar strategy for winning the ladder where the main difference is pick a few dates on the comp where a lot of teams on bye and majority of premium players that are left playing are on your team.

The key though to differentiate yourself from others is to pick a captain that is going to have a huge game that is not one of the gun players. So your team should be good but different to what most punters are choosing.

Formula for Changing Salary.
As one of the keys to success is having enough funds to trade for your top 22 players. Its valuable to understand how the salary change is calculated.

At start of season every point is worth around $4,865 but through performance this value will change. Super coach updates players salary after every three weeks of games not including byes for that player.

Over the three weeks if the player plays better then their previous average. Then the their salary will increase by about one quarter of value of the change in points. So if a player is on 100 points then after three weeks is averaging 120 it will take around four weeks for his Salary to be worth 120 points. It will incrementally increase or decrease by around 1/4 of the difference.

Player Jude Bolton is worth 100 points at start of year and Salary is $4,865,000. For the first three rounds of the competition he score 113, 107, 110 . So his average for last three games will 110. A ten point increase based on $4,865 is worth $48,650 but Super Coach will not add the total amount to Bolton Salary in one ago. Supercoach will only add around one quarter of the increase, so will add around $12,000. So if Bolton keeps scoring 110 SC point for the next three rounds his salary will increase from $4,865,000 to $5,351,500

This is why strategy of getting a lot of rookies is used to win the league competition as rookies start are around 22 SC points with plenty of room for improvement in terms of salary. Which you can then use funds to trade for premium player for a Gun player

Anyway good luck in your team whatever competition you are focusing on and note the biggest advantage you have besides selecting a good team is the first few weeks trades. If I think I can add value to this topic I will post some more as I am finding this comp really interesting especially as I have a a lot of free time at this point in time.

Best SuperCoach advice can be found at this link The members have four of the top six leagues in SuperCoach which speaks for itself.


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