Saturday, March 26, 2011

Digg vs Reddit vs Twitter 2011

Since Kevin Rose resigned from Digg I thought it would be interesting to get a fresh comparison of Digg vs Reddit 2011.

I was a regular Slashdot lurker from 1998 and posted in this blog in 2005 how Digg is the future in finding new quality links. The key for Digg was always the quality of the links being promoted and so it was dependent on the users finding those links and then promoting. I sometimes stumbled upon reddit during the last few years but it never had the same hold as Digg, so never registered with the site.

In late 2010 there was revolt against Digg when the main users were targeted and management didn't listen to their complaints and now a majority of those users are at Reddit. Which is shown below

The drop of page view by Digg Users is quite amazing after they revolted because of the major change by Digg.

I have tried Reddit a few times but the interface just turns me off. I like looking at visual interfaces and the Reddit interface just reminds me of old Usenet days before the Web. Thats probably why I like using windows/apple instead of Unix.

I first registered as a twitter user in march 2007 but I never really used it daily until last year. I also go through nearly 1000 rss feeds using Google Reader but as of now my best source of new links is from twitter. As the people I follow on twitter usually post links that I am interested in compared to having to sift through many different sources.

The main reason I like slashdot was the comments, the comments in Digg where never really good and reddit are of a good standard. But the reality is now I just don't have the time to sift through 500 comments like I used to in Slashdot, Daily Kos and Digg. That time is better spent on reading Facebook or Twitter posts or comments from Zero Hedge

So will Digg come back in Digg vs Reddit 2011. It doesn't matter, their time has come and passed and just like Slashdot I will still read some articles from their sites but the percentage of time I spend there will probably continue to decrease.


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